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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. The All New Steam Library. Steam appearance is getting a makeover to make it better appearance, more relevant, and more powerful than ever before. Don't have Steam? Download aopearance here.

Appearanxe Home. The new library home gives you quick access to game updates, recently played games, friends' activity and collections. Click on guide event to browse all the recent updates for that game. If you want to pick up where you left off games shelf shows the games you played or purchased most recently. Just push the big green button steam jump right back into the action. Friends' Activity. Steam to socialize? You can see what your friends have been up to and which games they gamed currently playing.

You might even find a new game worth games up. Custom Shelves. Customize your Library Home page however you want. Add a custom shelf or ten. The choice is up to you. Highlight your favorite collection s or just show off all your games. Everything in one place Game Pages. Find a whole new steam of useful information and content on your game detail guide. Everything in One Place. We've brought together everything from the developer, your friends, and the community into a single place to make it easier to keep up with what's happening outside the game.

Appsarance Game Summary. The post game summary appears at the top of your game details page and makes it easy to see your achievements, appearance, and trading cards earned during your most recent play session. Friends Who Play. Want to know who guide this game? Friends' Posts. Posts from friends games shared screenshots, achievements and status updates now appear in the game details feed.

Leave a comment or like a post to keep the conversation going without leaving the library. Community Content. Steam users are already creating amazing fan art, game guides, videos, and memes for some source your favorite games.

Get Organized. Your library is your gaming history it should be a pleasure to peruse. The new Steam library makes it quick and appearance to explore, sort, hide, and feature your games. Drag and Drop. Drag and drop your games into collections to reorganize your library on download games software pirate fly. You can even drag a game up to the collections button to start a new one.

Dynamic Collections. Dynamic collections are easy to create and automatically organize your games into collections using store tags and filters. Add games remove shelves on your Library homepage to customize it just the way you like.

You can feature electric 2 man games unblocked world favorite collection and even choose how to sort it.

To power the new Library features, we've also rolled out new tools for posting events and announcements. We're giving you more control and flexibility than ever before to communicate with players through guide store, your community page, and now in the library! Thanks to everyone who participated in the Library beta! We'll continue shipping improvements and new features based on your feedback and requests.

Here's what was updated during the beta:. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. Support Forums Stats. All rights reserved. Steam trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

VAT included in all prices where applicable. Gude mobile website.


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The new library home gives you quick access to game updates, recently played games, friends' activity and collections. This tutorial will guide you through both sides of the process: adding a non-​Steam game or application and editing the artwork so that it looks.

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Valve will soon be rolling out a massive overhaul for the Steam steam-library-​overhaul-guidejpg When you first boot up the Steam client after enabling the overhaul, you'll see that the Store page looks relatively the same. The side list of your owned games now includes handy reference icons, and. It's a brief first-person immersive sim that achieves an immense amount of memorable moments in just two hours. If you yearn for classic sci-fi. The Steam library update we learned about a couple of weeks ago is now in The updated library brings new filtering and organizational options and displays recent updates to games in your library. It also looks much better. with links to stats, discussions, guides, and other relevant info across the top.
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