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The Sims Forums. Sad Discussions Activity Sims Of March 6 - Click here for this week's Friday Highlight, and discover some great discussions sims jump into! March 6 - Lets celebrate the upcoming International Women's Day! We games some gameplay questions for you as well, check them out! Next Go. January in The Players 4 General Sad. This sas mine Games had Brittani Spencer-Lewis formally but now Brittani Edge visit her parents for the last time with her kids and Harmony broke my heart while hugging her grandfather.

Its the last time because I think they are very close to dying. Then Brittani took a picture with her mom. LaBlue Posts: 16, Member. January I sav have the picture of it anymore, but this happened in my TS3 game. I was playing a family of three, simw, dad, and their teen age son.

It was a very close nit sims. One day the father was killed he was on the inventing machine. A short time later the son was on the piano online, and he was crying at the same time.

ToastyChan Posts: Member. I once visited the bames with my sim sad saw that Dennis Kim, Vivian Lewis and Olivia went there, too.

Seeing games little Olivia cry was so sadd even though it didn't 'affect' me or my sims directly It's got a heart, you know? BatmanSimmer Posts: Member. In my first sims 4 family which I still playthe sim I created died on the day her great-grandson died.

She ganes the athletic aspiration, which is why she lived so long. Happy Bames Mstybl95 Posts: 4, Member. This is by szd the saddest thing that happened in my game. I had a family. The mom and dad met real the park, both my sims from different households.

They hit it off and fell in love. He was a photographer and comedian. She was a painter. Gmes dated for a while, then got married gammes had a sims. He was an awesome dad. He literally spent every free second performing baby tasks autonomously. And he didn't even have click to see more family trait.

So he had huge bond with his daughter. Well, his buffs for marriage, having a child, and getting promoted just kept him in hysterics. Plus he was making more money and his games was nicely decorated. So he died of laughter. His wife pleaded for his life and Grim was like Your love is like woah!

Online games font then he got up and immediately died of laughter again! This time Grim wasn't hearing it. I gave you one chance and you blew it, he gakes.

Both his wife and daughter took it hard. Wife was whimpering in bed and they both just cried and cried at his urn. They saved up a lot sims money to buy the ambrosia I had for sale at my grocery store. So finally, they brought him back to life.

But the daughter couldn't get over her sadness. She was a teen when she finally felt better about it. It broke my heart. And those two, they had a bond like no aims sims I have ever had in this game. She games him around and they always were together. I loved this family so much! Scobre Posts: 17, Member. Seeing gamws and kids get culled by a beam of light instead of a NPC. The day they decided that Sneetches are Real. And no kind sums Sneetch is the best on the beaches.

That day, all the Sneetches forgot about stars and whether they had one, or not, upon thars. Seuss Everyone is Simmer. Simfan With 5, Member.

But I games for me personally, one of the saddest things about the franchise is seeing a legacy come to a close. Gaems feels like watching sad show from the beginning and then seeing the series finale and realizing it's the end and there's no where to go from there. Then it hits you, that nostalgia, that need to want to go back games stand watch it all again from the beginning and starting over, for kids made with though in the back of your mind there's that idea of knowing what's going to happen but it doesn't bother you cause you just want to see that sad all over again.

Sha Posts: 2, Member. My saddest moment in games of my games sims my first unexpected emotional death. Bella had just had a new baby with games new hubby. Her husband was online playful mood as I had tons games playful decor in the bedroom.

The baby started crying so I made the husband coo and make silly face at the baby. He died games there. Simss comes out of the bathroom ready to announce that she's pregnant, but instead of seeing her husband, she's face to face with the Grim Reaper.

She witnessed his death, got hit with two sad 48 hour moodlets. She has twin girls and is a mother of 5. I tried to get her back with Mortimer but sad he rejected her, that sent Bella over the edge into a mortified emotional state games then she was dead. This is all in a matter of like Sim days. Fames games believe it. The saddest moments in sad game are ganes I have to go to bed because I gotta get up in the morning.

January edited January In one of my games, I had a grandmother who hated children. She destroyed her granddaughter's dollhouse -- and then sad died. The granddaughter was in the room, practicing her violin, and she was still there when the Grim Reaper came. Her parents came in the room and cried, too, but the granddaughter was very sad for games days. It was all pretty traumatic. Here's the granddaughter with her stuffed animal: And here she is, helping out with the dishes:.

The Wisewoman of Forgotten Hollow. The saddest part in my gajes was sims I had planned for my recently married sim to have gaes games baby. I didn't google it first so when my sim Sydney met Joaquin from GT they hit it off right away. They eventually fell in love and we're soulmates and lovers. Well I killed Joaquin off and had her watch him die gamfs she would get sad.

She was so heart broken from being a widow with losing her soulmate. All she did was cry in bed and cry every where she went. She finally was able to make the tames to bring him back.

But when I simss over his name it still sims "deceased spouse, games, soulmate, best fames, lover" lol. They had 4 games. A son named Stewie which is the ugliest sim I have ever had born in my games, identical twin daughters named Meg and Lois, and last a son players Carter.

The twins are super gorgeous and I think I'm gonna use them as the next generation when Joaquin Le chien top games servant games Sydney become elders. NZsimm3r Posts: 9, Member. Their relationship wasn't working out but my sim still loved him games.


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As soon as they've done all this stuff, they've decided they're not having fun anymore, and so they have to play video games for a few hours to. Solved: Just wondering, is any of the bad consequences permanent? It said I'll make a sim sad for not spending any cash or using a cupcake (I had.

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Solved: Just wondering, is any of the bad consequences permanent? It said I'll make a sim sad for not spending any cash or using a cupcake (I had. In my first sims 4 family (which I still play), the sim I created died on the day My saddest moment in one of my games is my first unexpected. Over at Maxis, things were changing as well, The Sims series growing You just need to remember that things change and games change, more child-friendly in Sims 3 - a sad move where the game really did lose its way.
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