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Some may say to play on youtube was just an excuse to get the two girl hosts to dress up in riding outfits. I think the game was Gallop Racer Gallop Racer is more of an arcade game than a serious sim, but is good for what it is.

There is an online racing games where you compete games literally thousands of other stable owners on a week to week basis at www. The game uses fictional horses but uses real racing and dam sires. They also have a college basketball game at that site. Horse racing and jockey sims and visit web page games are very popular in Japan.

If you are willing to mod or buy an import console, you could pick up a wide variety of horce racing games. I suspect that the more sim-like the sims it would be to play without being able to read Japanese, but you never know.

Depends how much effort you want to put in. One of the best was OmniPlay Horse Racing in the late '80s or early '90s. It was quite a bizzare expirence. People sitting watching 3d modeled the best site to play games online and jockies race round sims virtual track and slipping tokens into their betting machines.

You could check out Final Furlong. Some of horse games hardcore players at the Great Mall had card books full of their, uhh, stable. But yes, scary too. The running joke around the company was that horses in the game looked like sheepdogs.

Quarter to Three — the only forum where you can get serious in-depth information on horse-racing sims. It would be great to see it applied to a genre with board kingdoms widespread appeal than horse racing sims. Hey, thanks for the awesome replies. I bet this thread is now the definitive receptacle of knowledge about horse racing sims. I did run across this Horse site that sells Quarter Pole Plus mentioned here by someone elseHooves of Thunder and some older things like that.

Perhaps more tantalyzing horse this new French? There appear to be a couple of demos of this one kicking around out there. Is that how they do it in the Southern hemisphere? I downloaded the demo last night and indeed I had fun with it, even though the graphics are badly out of date. I was concerned by the fact that when I jockeyed a horse it seemed to do substantially better than with the AI jockeying.

Many tracks over there run clockwise. Horse all, but a good number of them. They Tecmo have sims in the States that run clockwise. Horse Racing Manager…is that the one with harness racing as well as Thoroughbred? Anyway, if you are going to try to get Quarterpole, you may as well skip it and get Hooves of Thunder which was the games to that game and is much, much better.

Well, I downloaded the demo of Horse Racing Manager, the new French game, and even though it is technologically light years ahead of what else I have found racing the web 3D graphics, etc. Horse-racing sim? I doubt it, but you may have some luck finding a decent simulation of watching paint dry. Ignatius, there are a few decent ones out there. Sparky June 28,pm DaveLong June 28,pm


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Gallop Racer is all about the racing, providing the thrill of betting along with the simulation of the race itself.

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Many horse games set the wrong priorities and get the most basic things wrong about horses.

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Gallop Racer is more of an arcade game than a serious sim, but is good for Horse racing and jockey sims and arcade games are very popular in Japan. Even today, riding a race on your console can get pretty exciting, and there are plenty of horseracing games to give you the racing experience.

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Online horseracing manager game - The most realistic virtual horse racing website on the net! Race SIM Horse Racing Horse Racing Manager Games​. Race, Train, and Breed Horses. JOIN NOW - IT'S FREE! Horse SIM Racing. FREE LIFE-LIKE SIMULATION. This. Even today, riding a race on your console can get pretty exciting, and there are plenty of horseracing games to give you the racing experience.
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