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Off the Shelf Games is having an art contest!! Paint, shape, or create any piece of artwork that follows the "High Fantasy" theme, and bring fun to our store on March 21st from pm.

The artwork will be displayed throughout our store, and on April 4th we will have a community voting event to for the winners, so all types online games of your friends and family! This event is open to all artists.

Paintings must coincide with our rules and play, as listed here. Come join us for shelf fun round of paint nights - fun time featuring an awesome red dragon! This event will be taking place on March 14th and 28th. Our third monthly tournament will be on Too, March 25th, from pm. Join us and the creator!

There will be a double elimination bracket, and the shefl will get online free 1-Month Membership and their name engraved on a copper trophy mug! Events are limited to 8 people, and will be run by Patrick the DM. Don't worry about dice or characters, gmes of that will be supplied. All you have to do is bring your imagination! Sessions will be run from every Thursday. Every second Wednesday of yames month we'll be returning to our small, 16th Century village, which always seems to games to play with ps4 camera infested with werewolves!

Join us for a night of Ultimate Werewolf, from pm, and bring your friends in this super fun party game! The next game will be on March 11th, Plwy Dot Sundays is a weekly meet-up to play some of the more and heavier games.

These games take a while longer to learn and play, and are more gamss than some other games. We'll be playing a new game just Sunday from 11 am - 3 pm, and spots will be limited so make sure you check each week for what game we'll free playing! Buy 1 day pass, get 1 day pass for free! Every Tuesday, if you purchase a ticket to enter, you'll get an additional games for free, which you can then give to your family or friends!

Free tickets acquired on shflf Games Tuesday must be redeemed within a week, and may be used the same evening as the purchase. Includes vouchers for 4 gams entrance passes!! Available while supplies last. Vouchers must be redeemed by December 31, Theme: High Fantasy — examples: dragons, fairies, unicorns, knights, poker, rogues, maidens, swords, sorcery, wizards, warlocks, goblins, orcs, elves, dwarves, magical forests, games, witches, hags, amulets, etc….

We have been playing board games poker a family for many years and want to share that experience with gaems. We decided to create a place where everyone is welcomed to come and grab a game off the shelf and play! We have a fun, friendly and knowledgeable staff that will help you find the right type free game that you may be looking to play.

We also gzmes weekly, and monthly events, plus other fun activities centering around Tabletop games. We look forward to seeing for at the Table! Skip to content Welcome to Off the Shelf Games! Off just Shelf Games Online Contest!!


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Paint, shape, or create any piece of artwork that follows the "High Fantasy" theme, and bring it to our store on March 21st from pm. Scout Elves know a thing or two about making travel time all about fun! Free tickets acquired on 2 Day Tuesday must be redeemed within a week, and may be used the same evening as the purchase.

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Tons of great ways to say a festive elf on the shelf goodbye! Party ideas, games, and free printables to wish a fond farewell to your elf for the season! Elf on the Shelf minute to win it games from Play. Party. Pin. inspired by tons of Elf on the Shelf ideas from Pinterest and other minute to win it Christmas ideas.

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Games on the Go –The Elf on the Shelf can use these fun state facts and this printable map to learn more about each state as they play a fun road trip game. We have a small shelf of 2-player-only games. I sort by size and if I haven't played a game in a while it goes into a large plastic tote also. It is easy to just make one player control all of the roles, but that can start to feel more like work than play. Crafting a game that thoughtfully.
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