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The Chrome Web Store offers a lot more than just a healthy dose of extensions, themes, and other free apps.

It also houses an impressive collection of games that download be directly played on the browser for a small games, or nothing at all. Many of free same great titles that are available on your smartphone, tablet, and high-end gaming console are also available on Chrome.

Now, google you need to go here games which games are worth your precious time.

Half game and half productivity tool, the Tabagotchi is an extension that gives you a little creature to take care of by keeping your tabs to a minimum. As you surf the web and open more tabs, this web page pet will get sick, but closing them will result in a happier pet.

After several hours of browsing with five or fewer tabs, learn more here Tabagotchi will even evolve into something more impressive. The ridiculously popular number-matching game is also available as a Chrome extension.

Inyou must combine identical numbers in order to add them together and eventually collect the coveted tile, all while attempting to keep your board from getting overcrowded and ending your game prematurely. Auto-running google are the bread and butter of the free-to-play browser game scene, but these games can be turned into something more interesting with just one simple tweak.

In Robbers in Townyou play as two separate criminals trying to escape from a local bank with their stash free cash in tow. One directional arrow controls the first robber, while another controls the second, and they must both be used to avoid obstacles and get more cash.

The wintery realm of Shingard is from assault by the evil Ice Queen. Free Rider HD is the best ragdoll-based racer on the Chrome store. Free Rider HD also gives players the ability to create their own detailed, 2D-racing levels. Players have crafted more than 50, custom levels at this point, which you can use to challenge your friends or the worldwide leaderboards. Happy Friday follows an orange monster creature as it escapes red monster creatures and eats donuts.

It is a free, fast-paced game but the controls are easy so people of any age can play. You can turn into a ball to go faster and get through tubes and pipes or stay standing up to be able to jump.

Essentially, you help a cave diver, Spelunky, search for gold and his lost girlfriend while avoiding booby traps and deadly animals. Controls are incredibly easy. No game store would click the following article complete without your stereotypical, mythical tower defense game.

Plus, it looks pretty darn cute. Google Chrome. Players begin the game with four main base from fire, water, earth, and air and concoct an assortment of more complex elements as the game goes on. For instance, combine earth and fire click create lava, then lava and air to create stone, stone, and air to create sand, and so on. Free take control of their own tiny thief, guiding them through more than single-player platforming levels, download well as a near-endless amount of user-created levels.

Players can also team up to create guilds, rack up treasure, and design complex levels filled with monsters, traps, and secret locks that are designed to keep enemy thieves at bay. Plus, the more treasure you nab, the more customizable outfits you can unlock, adding a touch of personality to the game. In an attempt download create the longest path possible, players rotate and place etched tiles into a hexagonal grid or other formation without running into a wall.

The game features both single-player and multiplayer game modes, online and offline functionality, and zen-like music that makes you feel like free should be drinking a cup of tea or sitting games a Japanese garden. The smash-hit physics game has been around the mobile block for a while and is now available on Chrome. Each level and puzzle gets progressively more complicated as new elements and hazards are continually introduced to the gameplay.

Mahjong Solitaire is much like the traditional solitaire, only using download tiles instead of cards. Players must click matching sets of tiles chrome eliminate them from the stack and complete the puzzle. The Chrome version mixes it up with multiple games layouts, tile variations, and some relaxing music that will games put you to sleep. Instead of a knight, mage, or archer, players take on the role of a space pilot drifting in DarkOrbit.

The game allows you to explore a massive expanse of space as you scour the universe in search of raw materials to upgrade and customize your spaceship. Should you choose google play nice, you can team up from other players to complete quests from objectives. Otherwise, you can download in interstellar battles with your newfound enemies in a unique player-versus-player system read article of endless firepower and far too much strafing.

Be forewarned though: Space download get a bit lonely from time to time. Chess, as we know it, has been played for more read article six centuries, but the origins go back nearly go here, years.

One of the most popular mobile games around is also available to play in your Chrome browser. Fruit Ninja is incredibly easy to play, but surprisingly difficult to master. Simply slice the fruit as it appears on the screen, while avoiding bombs that are thrown in periodically. Featuring beautiful google graphics, Crossy Road is one of the better-looking Chrome games on the market. The goal of the game is to cross an endless chrome of roads and earn as high a score as possible.

Easily one of the best auto-runners available in Chrome, Boxel Rebound was updated this month to make the last google levels even more punishing.

For a Chrome game, Boxel Rebound features an impressive amount of content. Not only does it chrome 50 levels and eight different player skins, but it also comes with a full-blown level editor. Players can download levels created around the globe and share their masterpieces online with free — think of it as Super Mario Maker Lite. The best Android games you can play chrome 10 hours ago. The best Android games currently available March 13 hours ago.

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