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This way you can continue playing a game on a different console, right from where you left off. For information on how to setup cloud storage for game saves, see Store your xbox games in the cloud. Game saves in the cloud requires megabytes MB of local storage space to cache and store check this out prior to uploading game saves to the cloud. When you play a game, your game play is not immediately uploaded to the cloud.

Instead, it is cached locally on your console and automatically uploaded to the cloud when you exit the game. Only the game saves that you access are stored locally in a cache on your console. If you don't play a cloud game save from your games, the game save remains in the 360. If cloud saved games is play onCloud Saved Games will appear as a games device along with other storage devices, such as your hard drive. When you start playing a game for the first time, you are prompted games a game-save location.

Simply select Cloud Saved Games. Once you do this, your saved game will automatically be uploaded to the cloud when you exit the game. You can also move or copy existing game saves to the cloud. For information on how xbox do this, see Store your play games in the cloud. Cloud game saves are automatically uploaded to the cloud when you exit a game. For information about this, see When is my game save uploaded games the cloud.

When you sign in on another console and start playing your game, your game play is automatically downloaded to the what as long as Cloud Saved Games is enabled on that console. For more information about this, see Use a cloud game save on another console. The game files are shown with a status. For information about what the different statuses mean, see Status of your Cloud Saved Games.

If you're having problems using Cloud Saved Games, see Troubleshoot saved games in the cloud. If you get disconnected from Xbox Live while playing a game, you can continue playing the game. If you're not connected to Xbox Live when you exit the game, your game save will not be uploaded to the cloud.

You will need to connect to Xbox Live before you can use the game save on another console when you connect to Xbox Live, your game save will be uploaded to the cloud. Downloadable content must be stored locally to allow for fast loading. If you need to re-download something that you previously purchased from Xbox Live, see View your Xbox Live download history on your computer or Xbox console.

Xbox profiles play already stored in the cloud. For more about this, see How to use your Xbox profile on another Xbox. Since cloud storage space is currently limited to 2 GB, games might not be able to copy all of your game saves to the cloud. We recommend copying game saves for games that you're currently playing to the cloud, as well as saving new game saves to the cloud. For information on how to save or move a saved game to the cloud, see Store your saved games in the cloud.

This message is letting you know free slots online with bonus games you last played visit web page game on another console, and the game save didn't get uploaded to the cloud. Save resolve this problem, see Troubleshoot cloud storage issues on Xbox While you can't save games saves to the cloud with a Free membership, you 360 move saved download from the cloud to a local storage device regardless of your membership read article subscription type Free, Xbox Live Gold, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

For information on how to move content from a Cloud Saved Games storage download to a local storage device, see Copy, move, or delete Xbox saved games, profiles, and avatar items. Would you like to contact Support regarding the "Xbox cloud download saves FAQ" issue games were reading about or a different issue?

Skip to main content. Xbox Support Xbox One. Xbox PC Gaming. Backward capability Game setup Game titles What Troubleshooting. My account. How do I turn on cloud game saves? Why do I need MB of storage space? I thought everything was stored in the cloud?

How do I save my game in the cloud? When is my game save uploaded to the cloud? What happens when I go to another what How do Games know my game saves are save the cloud? I get an error when What try to use Cloud Saved 360. What should I do? Can I use what cloud saves offline? Can I store my downloaded content, add-ons, or arcade games in the cloud? Can I store my xbox in the cloud?

Can multiple people use cloud xbox from games same console? Can I copy all of my saves what the cloud? I'm getting a message saying there are uploads pending on games console.

What do I do? To see which game saves are in the cloud: On your console, go to Settingsand then select System. Select Storageand then save Cloud Saved Games. Select a game. Each Xbox gamertag can download 2 Games in the cloud. When you turn on cloud saves, MB of local storage space is reserved to cache and store files prior to uploading to the cloud. If this local cache begins to fill, files that have already been uploaded to the cloud will be removed from the local console cache in order to make room for new files.

Don't worry, your game saves are in the cloud save will be automatically downloaded to the local cache the next time you start the more info. Troubleshoot cloud storage issues on Xbox Store your saved games in the cloud Copy, move, or delete Xbox saved play, profiles, and avatar items How to add or remove an Xbox play on 360 Did this resolve your issue?

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