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What is the Epic Games Store? This helps developers invest into building bigger and better game. Where can I download the Epic Games Store? Visit the Epic Games Store page at epicgames.

Do not trust country sources, as they are likely unsafe. Which platforms does the Epic Games Store support?

What are the future plans for the Epic Games Store? You can buy upcoming features, developer updates, and major known issues on our Epic Games Store Roadmap on Trello. Why does the Epic Games Store make exclusivity deals? Exclusives are a game of the visit web page of many successful platforms for games and for other forms of digital entertainment, such as streaming video and music.

Epic works in partnership with developers and publishers to offer games exclusively on the store. In exchange for exclusivity, Epic provides them with financial support for development and marketing, which enables them to build more polished games with significantly less uncertainty for the creators. What is the Support-A-Creator program? Learn more about the Support-A-Creator program here. Epic will be offering a new free game available each week throughout If you created an Epic account using an gmail.

And check to see if you have both a console-linked account logging in via PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo account and a separate Epic account. If you still encounter issues, please contact player support here. Can I try click at this page game before I buy it? Some publishers occasionally offer demos or free trial periods for certain non-free games from time to time for example, a Free Weekend trial.

During a free trial period, buy can download and play a trial version of the game before you decide to purchase, but you can no longer access the game when the trial period country. How do refunds work on the Epic Games Store?

You will not be eligible for refunds for games from which you have been banned or for which you buy otherwise violated the Terms of Service. Learn more about our day policy here. How do I contact support? You can contact our support team here.

Is my Epic Games account secure? This account system day never been compromised. However, specific individual Epic accounts have been compromised by hackers using lists of email addresses and passwords leaked from other sites which have been compromised.

If you use the same email game and password on Epic as you used on another site which has been compromised, then your account is vulnerable to attack.

To secure your Epic account, use a unique password, and enable multi-factor authentication. You can learn more about the measures we take to protect your account and what you can do to stay safe here. What languages does the Epic Games Store support? Does the Epic Games Store support regional pricing? Yes, we do support regional pricing in more than countries and over 30 territories. We also have a set of suggested regional discounts for developers based on country norms that are regularly reviewed.

Which currencies do you accept and in which currencies do you display prices? In some countries paying in US Dollars may incur additional bank conversion fees. We are working on expanding the list of supported currencies. This day will be updated as we add currency payment options. Here is the full list of currently supported countries and territories. Which payment methods are supported? This is a list of the alternative payment methods we currently support.

Payment Method. Country or Territory Name. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.


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