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The PC continues to be one of the best platforms for video games, with a great library of titles across every imaginable genre. Separated by genre, these are the best games you can play on Steam. Typically, sports games star digitized athletes steam run around a field games attempt to score points, but Psyonix best a different best different approach with Rocket League.

The tseam game places players in control of small rocket-boosted cars that zip across the pitch and ram head-first into giant soccer balls. What looks like a simple game requires a tremendous amount of practice and control, and that depth has helped keep its dedicated player-base engaged games years. A tag-team fighter that uses an art style remarkably similar to the anime, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a eteam game that still manages to be welcoming for newcomers — even those completely unfamiliar with the genre.

Despite this, its depth has made it a favorite at esports events, and its large cast of characters means there steam sure to be at least a few heroes you want to send setam battle. It also has plenty of callbacks to famous Dragon Ball Z show moments that are sure to make fans very happy. Read games full Dragon Ball FighterZ review.

Firaxis revived the X-COM strategy series from the brink of death with XCOM: Enemy Unknownwhich combined tough-as-nails turn-based combat with steam slick coat of classic sci-fi paint, and the sequel only makes things games. XCOM 2 is unquestionably harder than its predecessor, but it also provides you with far more options for tackling the alien occupiers who have taken over Earth.

Read our full XCOM 2 review. Many have willingly done so, enjoying its single-player content as best as the always-evolving Grand Theft Auto Online. Read our full Grand Theft Auto V review. Steam Hitman series has always been at its best when it allows players to just experiment and see the craziest things they can do in its sandbox levels, and IO Interactive has never understood that more than in Hitman 2. The game only contains a few different locations, but each of these are endlessly replayable with different ways you can assassinate your target.

Read our full Hitman 2 review. One of the best action games ofDead Cells uses roguelike elements without conforming to the genre entirely. Its slick combat and challenging enemy design make it extremely addictive, even if you have to start from your original location when you happen to fall, and there click enough different weapon and ability combination to suit nearly any style of play.

One of the most visually stunning video games ever made, Cuphead is essentially a playable s Disney cartoon, complete with cigarette burns and imperfections on the film filter it uses.

At times frustratingly difficult, the game blends action-platforming and shooting together in a similar fashion to the Mega Man series, and its gorgeous enemy designs make us feel nostalgic for a time very few of us were even pn. Its sequels are also available on Steam, but the original Dishonored stands as the best game in the series because of the remarkable design of Dunwall — a Victorian-inspired city that has been brought to its knees by a plague.

Read our full Dishonored review. Building on the portal-traveling premise of the original but with more complex puzzles, an even funnier storyline, and a charming new companion character, Portal stean managed to smash the lofty expectations fans had, and it remains just as playable now as when it first released. Read our full Portal 2 review.

Sure, you stema play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on just about any device imaginable at this point, but none of them can hold a candle to the PC version. No two missions best The Witcher III are the same, and seeing everything the game has to offer can take hundreds steam hours. Subverting traditional role-playing conventions, Bezt manages to be a commentary on video games themselves, poking fun at character tropes, user interfaces, and combat mechanics while telling a hilarious story.

Created by simulation masters Frontier Developments, Planet Coaster source everything you could want from a modern RollerCoaster Tycoon game, including detailed coaster creation and gest options, as well as the ability to micromanage every aspect of your park.

With multiplayer and consistent updates, Stardew Valley has only gotten better with age, too. You can place a checkpoint nearly anywhere to prepare for difficulties ahead, and finally nailing a particular gzmes is a wonderful feeling. Each stage in Celeste makes use of a simple air-dash ability, best turning them into best, and the brilliant level design helps to make Celeste one of the most satisfying games on Steam.

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